Concert - Best of The Eagles - Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ

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Those who'd like to attend are responsible for procuring their own tickets.
On sale Friday, April 12 at:

As it becomes closer and we know who's going, dining beforehand can be discussed.

Best of the Eagles (BOTE) was established in 2012 by guitarist/vocalist Joe Vadala and a group of professional New Jersey musicians who individually have an auspicious pedigree, are passionate about their love of the Eagles music and who have all worked with numerous national touring artists. BOTE is the most exact interpretation of the music of the Eagles in America bar none! Each member mirrors his counterpart in the Eagles instrumentally and vocally.

However, this is no simple copy band or impersonator act but rather a group of excellent musicians who expertly and authentically re-create the songs, the music, the vocals and the magical aura of one of America’s greatest rock bands.