Ronny's Volleyball Clinic "Advance B+/BB"

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OK Guys last clinic was awesome. Let's continue this time by running some plays and perfecting the 5-1.

Welcome all!! Something new that I want to start doing for advance advance players........ These clinics will be more for players that have more experience playing the game of volleyball! You need to know how to properly Serve, Pass, Set and Spike the ball. We will be covering how to properly run a 5-1 (1 setter 5 Hitters), 6-2 (2 setters 6 Hitters) and the also we can go over the most common one which is the 4-2 (2 setters 4 hitters).

Also, we will learn how to create a better offense, "combination "plays. More information and explanation will be given at the time of the Clinic. It very important that all participants already understand the basic fundamentals skills used in volleyball and working towards executing them perfectly. All players must execute three-touch plays (pass, set and hit).

This game is applicable to players rated B+/BB. Come with knee pads, water and appropriate attire. No shows and changes to your RSVP after 9pm Friday night, will be penalized the $15 fee. The Fee must be paid in full before you can participate in any Volleyball activities. If you have any questions feel to contact me via meetup or when you see me in La Espiguita.

So come prepared to have some fun and get your volleyball in!!! Like always we encourage everyone to sign up for the session during the week so you can put in practice what you learned. We are taking a $5.00 deposit in order to accept your RSVP. All players will then pay $10.00 at the door the day on the clinic. ***LEAVE YOUR $5.00 DEPOSIT BEFORE GAME DAY AND GET 2 FREE WATER BOTTLES BEFORE CLASS!*** ****************************************************************************** Comment with your email address and we will send you an online method to make your deposit. Its super easy and now you don't have to worry about making your deposit in person! See everyone on Saturday! *******************************************************************************