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Edition spéciale : HAXLR8R et Lean Hardware

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Cette édition est un peu particulière et particulièrement orientée pour les startups qui travaillent sur un projet hardware.

En intro, Romain Cochet, de la startup hardware Smiirl, nous racontera ce qu'il a appris lors du voyage en Asie dont il revient tout juste.

Puis Benjamin Joffe, de l'accélérateur hardware HAXLR8R, viendra nous présenter HAXLR8R et la méthodologie Lean hardware, qui prend en compte les spécificités du développement de hardware, de la conception jusqu'à la production. Le talk durera environs 30 minutes, et sera suivi d'une session de questions/réponses.

Benjamin Joffe ( ) is General Partner at HAXLR8R ( (, the first startup accelerator focused on “Lean Hardware”. HAXL8R already welcomed 40 startups from around the world and 16 of them ran successful crowdfunding campaigns. HAXLR8R and its startups has been featured in many media including The Economist, Bloomberg and TechCrunch.

Before joining HAXLR8R, Benjamin founded the Asia-focused strategic consultancy Plus8Star and worked with clients such as Microsoft, DeNA, IDEO and Harvard Business School. He is also an angel investor in 11 startups and a mentor at several accelerators including 500 Startups. Born in Paris, Benjamin has lived over 14 years in China, Japan, Korea and USA.

Smiirl ( ) is a startup founded around 3 skills: marketing, design & embedded systems.

Beginning with Fliike, we want to create and build an ecosystem of objects designed for businesses and help them to reconnect their social identities to their physical presence.

We are one of the 12 companies selected for the season 4 of Le Camping (, the number 1 accelerator in France.