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This group is destined to create a supportive community of people who are on a journey to end infinite dieting, food restrictions, yoyo weight cycling and emotional eating. If you have anxiety/worry around food, dislike or downright hate your body, overeat emotionally or binge... Then this is the place for inspiration and new tools for a balanced relationship with food and your body!

No diets, no food rules and no exercise plans here. We will explore the concept of intuitive eating, go into depth on emotional eating and look at the role of body-hate in our relationships to food.

Wanna feel free around food? Be like one of those people who never thinks about it and stays effortlessly balanced, while enjoying all their favorite foods? It is completely possible, but not with what is mainstream being told to us.

As a Mind & Body coach ( , & ex- chronic dieter ;) , I know how many people, especially women, struggle with this behind closed doors... It's time to get out of that secret prison and start living the life you deserve!

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