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JSLuxembourg is Luxembourg's JavaScript User Group. We organize monthly meetups that takes place at changing locations (Amazon Offices in Clausen, Technoport, theImpactory,..just to mention a few). This group is aimed at people that have an interest in JavaScript, either professionally or simply just for fun. For a meetup usually there is one main speaker presenting a topic for 30min and then we propose that people join in to give short (5-7 min) lightning talks. We will put our presentations and other documents on our github organization.( https://github.com/luxembourgjs )

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JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg July 2019
JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg 18 June 2019

ADNEOM Luxembourg

JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg 5 June 2019

Etix Everywhere

JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg May 2019

House of Startups

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