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Jenkins Online Meetup
Jenkins Online Meetup
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Broadcast: . Time - 4PM UTC

Jenkins, one of the leading open-source automation servers, still supports only Java 8 even though Java 9 and above have been officially released for some time. Over the last year Jenkins contributors have been working towards enabling support for Java 11 in the project (Jenkins JEP-211). It was a thorny path, but Java 11 support is now available for preview and early adoption in Jenkins weekly releases.

At this meetup the Java 11 Support team will present its experiences with this project. Target audience - early adopters, Jenkins contributors, and plugin maintainers. We will show how to run Jenkins with Java 11, discuss known compatibility issues, and explain how to investigate and report them. We will also talk about future plans for full Java 11 support in Jenkins weekly and LTS releases.

The meetup will be broadcasted in YouTube:

Useful links:
* Jenkins JEP-211:
* Java Support in Jenkins:
* Platform Special Interest Group:

P.S. If you are a plugin developer, we will also organize separate sessions about testing plugins with Java 11 and about common best practices for fixing compatibility issues.