À propos de ce groupe

French Non-profit organization « L’ Atelier de Théâtre en Anglais » offers drama/theater activities and techniques to foster practicing English here, in Orléans, in creative and artistic ways.

Being fluent in English is recommended. (This workshop is not about speaking French)

Why you should join us ?

- To spend a couple hours per week speaking and acting in English.

- To train speaking in front of an audience, overcome stage fright, get to a place where you can express yourself with ease /speak more confidently.

- To explore acting skills, developing character, playing a scene,

- To learn movement and improvisation through exercises, games and performance.

Most of all, we aim to create a fun, safe and encouraging environment for you to explore your creativity.

About your organizer, Joël : Your Drama teacher in English (French-born but American at heart) with a life-long passion for drama and theater arts wants to create a unique (and somehow challenging) theater experience in Orléans : perform plays on stage in English in front of an audience. (which is pretty much unheard of, especially here in central France).

The theater workshop in English is scheduled to happen on Thursdays, 7 pm – 8 :30 pm (90 minutes).


DROP -IN CLASS 5 EUROS (you want to come every once in a while but you won't pay the full 3-month plan, just drop 5 euros in my money box every time you show up and you're good to go)

3-MONTH ACTING PLAN 50 EUROS (you want the full experience and all the craziness that goes with it, you just put 50 in it and you get it all for 3 full months).


L'Atelier de Théâtre en Anglais is not an English class. It’s a temple of creativity, culture and art (a place where you can grow as an English-speaking performer, and experience what it’s like to be an amateur actor or actress and perform on stage).

(*) L'Atelier de Théâtre en Anglais n'est pas un cours d'anglais. C'est un espace culturel et artistique de créativité, d(un lieu pour développer son aisance à l’oral et expérimenter le jeu de scène en tant qu’acteur ou actrice amateur.

Événements passés (13)

Rehearsals for the "TWO dash TEN" show.

6 Rue du Pot d'Argent

Rehearsals for the "TWO dash TEN" show.

6 Rue du Pot d'Argent

Rehearsals for the "TWO dash TEN" show.

6 Rue du Pot d'Argent

Rehearsals for the "TWO dash TEN" show.

6 Rue du Pot d'Argent

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