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How much are you missing in Switzerland every single day because you do not speak French?

Let's Change That!

The resources for learning French are plentiful and readily available, and most are reasonably priced, if not outright free! Coffee Break French podcast, DuoLingo and Memrise apps, French Pod 101 on YouTube, etc. While a language school is helpful, it's also very possible to accomplish proficiency with self-study! Most of the work for learning in either scenario depends on you ... to read the lesson, to memorize the vocabulary, to practice daily, to speak up, and to put in the time and effort ... the results are up to YOU.

But studying solo can also feel isolating. And the whole point of learning French is to communicate with others! And that is why we are here. Whether you are already taking French courses, or learning with your own resources, or wanting to find others to study with ... this meet-up removes the barriers to learning French and helps us embrace Switzerland for everything she has to offer!

If you want to LEARN FRENCH and find other people as motivated as you, or if you want to help others learn French and truly love Switzerland, then please join this group!

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