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À travers des formations intensives en Développement Web et en Data Science, Le Wagon (https://www.lewagon.com/fr/montreal/) vous enseigne les compétences indispensables d'aujourd'hui et de demain. Nos programmes d'excellence, enseignés par des professeurs dédiés, vous apportent les compétences et outils dont vous avez besoin pour lancer votre carrière dans la tech, monter en compétence dans votre métier, ou lancer votre startup.

Amenez votre ordi et venez assister aux talks et workshops du Wagon. Data analytics, Web scraping, SQL, UX, APIs : tous les sujets sont abordés avec des live coding, du concret et de l'actionnable ! Joignez-vous à nous et venez rencontrer des entrepreneurs et développeurs passionnés.


Le Wagon (https://www.lewagon.com/montreal) teaches you the tech skills to future-proof your career and take up your next challenge through immersive Web Development and Data Science coding bootcamps across 39+ cities and 22 countries. Since 2013, our cutting-edge curriculum and world-class teachers have given professionals from all backgrounds the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, land a job as a software developer, product manager, join a data science team, or launch their own startup.

We have campuses worldwide with a vibrant global alumni community and are the most acclaimed bootcamp worldwide.

We also organize workshops and talks, open to everyone, on topics related to web development, web design and entrepreneurship. Come and hangout with us to meet with passionate entrepreneurs and developers.

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Discover our Data Science Part-Time Bootcamp

Événement en ligne

⚡ REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND: http://bit.ly/InfoSessionDataPartTime

Want to raise your potential in 2021? 🚀

Join us on Tuesday, March 9 at 6pm to learn more about how you can land a job in data by attending our data science part-time bootcamp.

Get the chance to meet our team who will walk you through our program curriculum and the admissions process.

✅ Agenda:

- 5 min: Le Wagon Introduction
- 20 min: Bootcamp and curriculum overview
- 25 min: Q&A

⚡ REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND: http://bit.ly/InfoSessionDataPartTime

👩‍💻 About Le Wagon Data Science Bootcamp:

Le Wagon offers immersive 24-week Data Science Bootcamps providing professionals from all backgrounds with the skills and tools needed to boost their career, join a data science team, or launch their own startup.

From Python fundamentals to advanced Machine and Deep Learning, you will learn how to collect, explore, clean, and transform data into actionable business insights. You will also discover how to implement Machine Learning models from start to finish in a production environment, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt.

🔥 Next Intakes:

👉 Part-time: June 5 - Nov 27, 2021

👉 Full-time: April 5 - June 4, 2021

Demo Day | 2021 Winter batch

Événement en ligne

🚀 SAVE YOUR SPOT: http://bit.ly/DemoDayWinter2021 🚀

You're invited to our next Demo Day to celebrate the accomplishments made by our Web Development and Data Science students.

🌟 What's Le Wagon Demo Day?

After 9 weeks of learning new skills, students get the opportunity to present their final projects. During Demo Day, they present their prototypes and pitch the product they've worked on in a team. This also marks the beginning of their tech journey as they become web developers or data experts.

💃 Why you should attend

> You're looking for new talent skilled in Web Development or Data Science? Come meet our graduates who are ready for the job market.

> You're an entrepreneur looking for co-founders? The co-founder you deserve might be right across your screen.

> You're interested in joining Le Wagon's Bootcamp? See how much you could l earn and achieve in only 9 weeks.

> You love tech and you want to know how products are built? See how our students brought their ideas to life.

✔️ The schedule

👉 6:00 pm: Introduction
👉 6:15 pm: Pitch time Data Science
👉 6:30 pm: Pitch time Web Development

The pitch sessions will be followed by a Q&A time.

👩‍💻 What our bootcamps are about

Web development

From the database to the user interface, students learn all the skills of a Software Developer and code their own web applications from scratch. Included in the program : Programming Basics, SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Figma, Github & Product development and UI UX best practices.

Next Batches:

👉 Full-time: April 5
👉 Part-time: May 8

Data Science

From Python to advanced Machine Learning models, students get all the skills needed to join a Data Science team. Included in the program : Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Decision Science, Data Engineering and projects.

Next Batch:

👉 Full-time: April 5


🚀 SAVE YOUR SPOT: http://bit.ly/DemoDayWinter2021 🚀

Learn How to Automate Tasks with APIs

Événement en ligne

🔥🔥 SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW: http://bit.ly/AutomationWithAPIs 🔥🔥

Have you ever wondered how Facebook is able to automatically display your Instagram photos? How about how Evernote syncs notes between your computer and smartphone?

Time to unravel the mystery! Join this workshop and learn how to link different IT systems using an Application Programming Interface (API).

What you'll learn:

💡 We'll start off easy, explaining the basics of (web) APIs: what they are, how they work, and why they matter.

🔗 Then we'll show you use-cases of web APIs including Google Maps, Twitter, and Twilio.

💻 At the end of the workshop, you'll be onboarded on Le Wagon e-learning platform and access the slides, a sum-up of key notions as well as exercises to keep practicing what you just learned.

Who is it for:

This free workshop is for complete beginners and curious minds.

🔥🔥 SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW: http://bit.ly/AutomationWithAPIs 🔥🔥

[Remote] Le Wagon Coffee Breaks : networking event to meet our graduates

Exclusive remote networking event to meet our graduates
Join us for a special networking event organized for our partners, which will take place March 18. A great opportunity to meet our graduates in an informal 1:1 setting, online coffee breaks.

They are skillful junior developers and data science graduates, who want to chat about your exciting projects!

How to participate? All you need to do is to get a ticket mentioning your availability.

🎟 http://bit.ly/CoffeeBreakLeWagon 🎟

We’ll take care of the rest.

When: Thursday, March 18, 2021

Different time-slots available:

RSVP: Get your (free) ticket to confirm your attendance! Spots are limited.

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