À propos de ce groupe

This group is for people who want to talk in english and discover cultural places (museums, expos, art galleries, regional events, craft fairs...)
So, if you live in Marseille or neighborhood,
If you are Expats or English speakers who want to talk with French people,
or French people who would like to improve her/his conversational English...
and you're interested in cultural activities...
Welcome in this new group! :)
Please note that the purpose here is to discover together new places or exhibits then when possible take a little time after to talk about our discoveries.

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Guided Tour in English of "The Panier"

Office du Tourisme

Let's go to the Cité Radieuse (Le Corbusier)!

La Cité Radieuse (Le Corbusier)

Let's Discover The Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology


Let's Discover the Exhibition "Oceans and Men"

Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Marseille

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