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We are Sylwia and Sydney, welcome!

Sylwia teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and. Her meetups mainly take place in the Park de la Tête d'Or.

Sydney teaches Vinyasa yoga and Slowflow. Meetups take place at Institut Vendome, Lyon 69006.

Classes are open to all levels.

Hatha Yoga: the most traditional style of yoga. The class is based on yoga exercices (asanas), breathing exercices (pranayama) and relaxation (savasana).

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa consists of a creative series of vigorous movement comprising sun salutations among other postures. The class is accompanied by an adapted playlist and we finish with a calming meditative savasana.

Yin Yoga consists on holding the postures for minimum time of 2 min. Unlike the other styles of yoga that engage the muscles, Yin Yoga allows us to work deeply on the body tissues (ligaments, joints, deep facial networks) and even our bones. Holding the postures for long is very efficient in gaining the flexibility.

What you need to bring: Yoga mat or beach towel or a blanket if you don't have a mat. If you have a meditation pillow, you may also want to bring it with you.

Practical info: we gather at the main entrance of the park (Place Général Leclerc, Porte des enfants du Rhône). If you come late or have to cancel, please, send me a msg or a text

Hope to see you soon!

- Sylwia and Sydney

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