How & why we evolved a legacy Java web app to Scala... and we are still alive!

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Organizamos una sesión conjunta con los amigos de ScalaMAD y Madrid MongoDB User Group, en el que Katia Aresti ( @karesti) nos contará el proceso de migración de una aplicación Web Legacy monolítica a una arquitectura dee servicios REST utilizando AngularJS, PlayFramework y MongoDB.

Una oportunidad de conocer experiencias reales de primera mano.

Sobre la charla:
How and why we evolved a legacy Java Web Application to Scala... and we are still alive!

Applications get old, and technology moves fast. Overtime, adding or modifying functionalities might become as expensive as re-coding everything all from scratch. But rewriting a complete website and its functionalities it’s hard if we want to minimize the risks of breaking existing functionalities and specially when this application fits in a ecosystem and interacts with other pieces of software and teams.

In this session, you will learn how we moved from a legacy java monolithic website using scala PlayFramework, AngularJS, Elasticsearch and MongoDB, how we built a multi service and REST oriented architecture, which were the technical and human problems we encountered and how we managed to solved them.

Katia Aresti
Katia is a freelance Software Engineer based in Paris, born in Bilbao. She works mainly as backend java/scala developer, but she tackles front-end technologies when necessary. She is involved on user groups as Duchess France Board member and the Paris MongoDB User Group. She shares knowledge about Java, Scala, MongoDB or Agile Development Techniques through formal presentations (Agile France, MongoDB SF, Google Fest W Paris, Geneva JUG ...) or hands-on workshops (Devoxx Fr, Duchess France).She is passionate about the community contribution, open-source and drama.