Building Your Brand and Leveraging Social Media

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B1 - 343 Railway Street · Vancouver, BC

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Jonathan Mosley, Senior Account Manager at GEM Vancouver, will lead a provocative discussion about how to construct brand. Focus will be placed on using social media to develop your brand experience through planning creative content and two way communication with your digital community. You will leave with and understanding of the questions you need to ask when creating your brand, as well as strategies and tools to build and grow your brand using social media and manage it better!

More info about Jonathan:

Creating your brand
What is a brand? and why should you care? Building your brand
What are you communication? What is your customer experience?
How do they perceive you?

Leveraging Social Media
Review of Platforms: Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest
Building your community. Understanding the metrics
Introduction to Native Advertising

Planning your time
Introduce social media calendar
Group exercise to build a week’s worth of content: post on social channels!

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