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Through the vineyards of Lavaux

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Hi everyone

Those who think Saturday's hike is a little too difficult for them are going to love this one. And of course Saturday's participants are also very welcome to join, it's a short walk so we will be able to start late. Besides, we switch to winter time on Sunday so you will be able to sleep one hour more !

Covering 800 hectares, Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, and its daringly constructed hillside terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007.

Walking between Lutry and Saint Saphorin we will pass through the most spectacular parts of Lavaux, especially its steepest part around Dézaley. With autumn colours it's going to be even better.

It's an easy 3h15mn walk without much height difference (approx. 300m up and the same down) that does not really need more details or any difficulty rating.

You will find all the information you want (in French though) of the approximate hike we will be doing with beautiful pictures here :

I've done some slight alterations so as to stay slightly higher on the hills between Riex and Epesses.

Meeting point is Bern, main station, directly on platform 5 at 11:20 under the digital board that indicates the composition of the train.
We take the 11:34 train to Lausanne and then a train to Lutry where we will arrive at 13:05. Don't forget to switch to winter time or you will arrive one hour too early at the station !

For the return, we should be able to get the 17:16 train in Saint Saphorin which will bring us back to Bern via Lausanne at 18:56. A good glass of local made Chasselas at the centuries-old Auberge de l'Onde in Saint-Saphorin could also be a good idea to finish the day though.

Take a one way ticket to Lutry via Lausanne.

Sneakers are fine and bring a camera, you will want to take a lot of pictures.

See you


Ps : you may have noticed the location I indicate when creating a Meetup event is always the starting point of the hike so that people coming from places other than Bern (possibly coming by car) know where to go ;-)

And here is my phone number in case you need it :[masked]