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Coding a book sharing site with Meteor

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AlexandreBIGOT (

Hi there, Martin and me would like to propose a special agenda for this event. We have been invited to propose it to you by Olivier and Paul, organizers.

We are working on the creation of book-sharing platform for the MTL community. The project's name is Colibry (for collaborative library) :

We began to code several months ago but still need some help to have a MVP and be able to test it with the community.
Here is the code :

If you agree with that, let's finish a MVP version together and test it with the community of Montreal!

__ Postponed for a next meetup ___

Meteor 1.3 introduces many new features everyone's been waiting for, let's have a look at them:
- meteor testing (need help on this one)
- import/export
- React (we'll build a simple app to demo react use, maybe a Q&A or something else - suggest in the comments)