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Meet other Jewish Singles near you! Be part of this group if you want to get invited to several Montreal Jewish Singles events like speed dating, wine and cheeses, cooking classes, game nights... get to meet others that are ready to commit to a long term relationship! An age range will be determined for each event, so you can decide if you would like to attend and how to register. To join this group you must be: single, Jewish and living in Montreal. MJS began in 2005 by a group of married women who simply wanted to help the Montreal Jewish community. All the organizers are volunteers, and although the group is non profit, a cover charge may apply in order to cover the cost of an event. However, if an event is at a synagogue, it is fully sponsored by the synagogue and all the money collected goes to the synagogue to cover any expenses. We are looking for sponsors who would be willing to donate funds to help advertise the different event and cover cost for printing flyers and posting. If you have an idea contact us at mjsingles@gmail.com

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MJS Group meeting ages 40’s to 60´s on Zoom

The comfort of your home!

MJS Group meeting ages 60’s to 80’s on Zoom

The comfort of your home!

Are you available for Sunday evening 5 minutes Virtual Date

The comfort of your home!

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