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Welcome to my Travel Group, Bienvenue dans mon groupe de voyage, vacance!

This is a group for anyone who likes to travel in "all inclusive vacations hotels", but doesn't particularly enjoy being alone. You can travel with us, enjoy the group company, but also do your own things! You can relax all the way, participate in all the excursions that the place has to offer, or everything in between!

This group is for one or two WEEK-long travel VACATIONS.

Ce groupe est pour tout ceux qui aiment voyager dans les hotels tout inclus, faire des croisières et découvrir de nouveau pays. Voyage avec nous, profite de la compagnie du groupe, mais aussi fais tes propres activités de ton coté... Relaxer toute la semaine ou participe au excursions que l'endroit a à offrir!

Nous partons pour 1 à 2 semaines à la fois!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This group is in no way responsible for any problems or lost during our vacation trip. We are all adult here that get together to travel as a group. I provide only the organisation of the vacation trip and by joining, you fully understand that nobody is there to take care of you! I will always be part of the group when travelling or will find someone else to accompanied. So if you need informations, you will have a reference person on site.

I also want all of you to understand that I will not tolerated any bad attitude, lack of respect, or need to tell everyone else what to do... If this happen, the member will be ask to step out of the group even during the vacation event.

If I have to find you a roommate, I will match you as follows: women with women, men with men. I will never match a woman with a man even if they will have to take single rooms because we are short of 1 man and 1 woman to pair them up with a person of their own gender.

Looking forward to meeting and travelling with you all!


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