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This meetup is for serious amateur Montreal World Travel photographers who love to tell stories through their photos. You just need to love travelling and photography with feeling. The final focus each year is to showcase your talent hosting a Vernissage. Twenty-five of the best photos will be chosen by a commitee formed by the meetup group and displayed in a Montreal photo gallery chosen by the group. The cost of the Vernissage will be borne equally by the photographers who have been chosen to display their work, thus limiting expenses for the event. Each chosen member's photo will be voted on, in a meetup, three months prior by committee, giving us time to prepare. A $1.00 contribution for hosting the site is welcome when we meet. Meetups can be outdoors during the year or in libraries around the island of Montreal where we can share experiances and talk about our passions. If you think you have that photo / travel feeling then this meetup is for you!

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This meetup is to announce the best posted pictures of the group that will participate in the first ever "Vernissage" which will be held, hopefully at the end of August 2020. Please join our closed Facebook page for great discussions, tips, CC’s, etc... Go to: « Montreal World Travel Meetup Group »

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The Fur Trade at Lachine Canal National Historical Site

The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site

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