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MoroccoJUG 'Adopt A JSR' program for Java EE 8

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MoroccoJUG is recognized as an active actor on moving the entire Java ecosystem forward (executive community member at JCP -Java community process- last year, 2013 JCP award in 'Adopt A JSR' category ...)

This year again we are planning to adopt massively the java specifications (JSRs) that will be included at Java EE 8 ( Our goal is " helping to shape the best Java entreprise platform ever!"

In this Meetup we will go through the entire Java EE 8 platform, present our priorities on adopting the related JSRs, level of contributions, advantages you have on joining the efforts (boost your career, acquire new knowledges, mentoring from international experts ...)

Since it will be our first JUG meeting of the year, we will also present our roadmap for 2015 including 'Adopt A JSR' program and many other projects we will be running to help the Moroccan developers learn software craftsmanship!