What's exciting in the world of Java in 2017 ? + Presentation of DeftERP

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In this session, The Java Champion Badr El Houari will go through the most exciting and interesting things in the Java world at present (Microprofile, What's new on Java 9 and Java EE8, Microservices ...)

The second part will be a presentation on how Mohammed Bounaga and his team have developed a ready to use Open Source Java EE based “Enterprise Resource Planing” application.

The main motivation behind developing “deft ERP” was the lack of Java EE Open Source “Real World” applications and to encourage Java EE developers to learn from and contribute to an open source project that puts Java EE core APIs (JSF, JPA, EJB, CDI, JTA, Bean Validation…) into action and harmony while following web development best practices!

Since the first release last Jun, deft ERP is now surrounded by a small Java community circle on Github and Facebook that is getting wider each day and there have been also different contributions made by the community over the last couple of months!

A new release is coming out with MAJOR improvements & a call to contribution from Moroccan Developers to ship the best java based Open Source ERP -MADE IN MOROCCO!-

Mark your calendar. This is a session to not miss!