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An interactive live demo of MONET’s modular blockchain by Mosaic Networks

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Bring your smartphone and get ready to experience this ground-breaking blockchain technology for yourself!

We, the founders of mosaic networks, will present:
• Babble - an open-source implementation of a mobile-friendly consensus algorithm
• MONET - an open network architecture based on mobile ad-hoc Blockchains

We’ll give a live demo of smartphones forming a Babble Network and running a basic serverless application.


• Giacomo Puri Purini - Co-founder
• Martin Arrivets - Co-founder
• Kevin Jones - Software Developer

TIME AND DATE: 6.00pm, Tuesday 24th July

6.00pm: Arrivals and networking
6.10pm: Introduction from Giacomo Puri Purini
6.20pm: Demo and technical explanation from Martin Arrivets and Kevin Jones
6.40pm: Q&A
7.00pm: Networking
8.00pm: Finish

For a sneak peak of our technology and whitepaper, check out these links:

• Github (
• Whitepaper (

We are creating a community of technologists who are excited about what we are doing at mosaic networks. Please join our Slack ( and say hi!

Giacomo Puri Purini
Giacomo is the co-founder and CFO of Mosaic Networks. He previously co-founded a Bitcoin Startup for decentralized payments and loans based in New York in 2012. He later co-founded and sold a Modular Shoe Company based in the UK and currently focusing its development in China. Giacomo gained investment experience working closely with VC funds in the Cambridge, MA area. He holds an M.A. in Mathematics of Finance from Columbia University.

Martin Arrivets
Martin is the CEO of Mosaic Networks. He created the company's first products, Babble and EVM-Babble, as a condensation of several concepts he learned over a period of six years working as a software developer in Blockchain and Telecommunications. Now he is set on gathering an exceptional community of like-minded partners around the project to help make Mosaic an active player in shaping the Internet of tomorrow. He holds degrees in applied Mathematics from Université Paris Dauphine and the University of Chicago.

Kevin Jones
Kevin is a Software Developer at Mosaic Networks. He has spent the last two years working as a Software Developer at a Blockchain startup in London. Prior to this, he worked for six years on Radar Signal Processing. Kevin is keen to realise the potential of Blockchain Technology to transform many aspects of our daily lives. He holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Oxford.