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Welcome to everybody, the intent of this group is to highlight and connect the best events you can actively join in Moscow: sports, languages and parties.

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Ruin Bars Expat Party

Novoslobodskaya Ulitsa, 16а

Link to FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/603753773714689/ Have you ever dreamed about something like the legendary ruin bars in Budapest... But here in the center of Moscow? A huge territory, in the area of Mendeleevskaya metro, 1 minute from the metro, all underground, many bars, eateries. This it your event! Free entrance, a huge international event. A fantastic night. It's underground, so whatever is the weather it won't influence the event...How to participate? First, join the event in Facebook to be in the guest list, then, on the day of the event, from 19:00 go outside the metro Mendeleevskaya, turn right, and right again when you're upstairs, looking for a 'euro union' lookin like flag, that's your place! Name your password (INTERNATIONAL) at the entrance, get your party wristband, and get the instruction how to get to our meeting point inside. The territory is huge, so we'll meet almost at the end of the structure, before the main dancefloor, in front of Jim 'N' Jack's RUINS. That will be our meeting point, with plenty of sitting and standing place for socializing and for our amazing program! For those wearing the party wristband there will be a special discount, and the possibility to try something you can find just in Budapest, the authentic 'Froccs' in most of its variants, just that night. So definitely something not to miss. Expect about 200 people from our group, and then a special program that will entertain us for the whole night. For further info about the event, check MIE - Moscow International Events page, we'll provide more details closer to the event. Be sure to join, to be in the guest list... See you on Friday, 24.01!

International VIP: Soho Rooms Fashion II

Soho Event Hall by Soho Family

Link to FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2368091180169965/ Entrance 500 roubles (cash at the door) - 1 welcome drink included. Password: INTERNATIONAL. FC/DC: light 19:30/21:00, strict 21:00/00:30. The International VIP, symbol of fashion and elegance among all of MIE events, not losing its friendly, international and multicultural atmosphere will repeat the success of the 'fashion show party' on January, 31st. So, get ready for something very exlcusive: a real fashion show by famous designers on the pool terrace of Soho Rooms, the best of fashion world on the catwalk for our event!!! Party plan: there will be, for our MIE group, lighter FC/DC (dress code: formal, long sleeves shirts, classic shoes, no sport shoes/clothes) from 19:30 till 21:00 and strict from 21:00 till 00:30. The entrance fee with the password 'INTERNATIONAL' will be just 500 rub. per person from 19:30 to 00:30 and it will include a compliment from the bar. The plan is to meet first at the bar of Soho Rooms, from 19:30, socialize, get acquainted, practice languages in a classy and exclusive environment with the usual positive and friendly atmosphere that characterizes all of our MIE events. The pool terrace will open at 22:00 and that's the place that will host both dance area and the fashion show, while we'll keep the bar area downstairs for us for the whole night as a chill-out area. Our password will work just till 00:30, but you're strongly advised to come starting from 19:30 and not later than 21:00 to get advantage of the light Face/Dress control agreement with the club. After the entrance, you'll be welcomed by the hostess, say to her the password, pay cash for the entrance ticket and you'll be given a MIE wristband, a free drink card, and shown how to find our group! We'll gather around the bar, and then on the pool terrace. For booking tables contact us: https://www.facebook.com/MIE.Moscow.International.Events/ Don't even think to miss the International VIP, be international, be smart, have fun with the best people the whole night!

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Montis MIE Friday Meetup

Montis' Bar Павелецкая

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