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Open mat grappling
In species of mammal the young wrestle, it is an ancient timeless game of physical chess, of coordination, tactics, and technique. Of course Parisians are waaaaaay to civilized to wrestle. That would be childish. Right? Bullshit. It's still fun, still a challenge, still a learning experience, still develops adult bodies... So let's grapple!

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Move for movement’s sake, and enjoy the benefits! better health - hormone balance, body shape and composition less pain, more mobility - stronger bones and joints fun strength, grace healthy friends better sleep pay yourself first by investing in your body No movement system is complete (no matter what the sales literature tells you), and movement specialization has a price to general health, so don’t compromise, learn to do it all! Ok that’s impossible, but you can make a start and focus especially on the areas where you are weak. In this meetup we will run sessions where you can learn to develop arm and leg strength (not to mention the bit in between) Mobility and flexibility Balance Coordination Joint integrity Movement is your human heritage! Reclaim it! Pass it on to your children and grandchildren! Join us to learn through walking, running, swinging, jumping, climbing, hand balancing, throwing, catching, lifting, slowing down, speeding up, stopping still, locomotion, swimming, wrestling, striking We’ll take from Olympic lifting, kettlebells, Yoga, circus arts, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, Pilates, swimming, sports science, ancient tradition and observation of nature, and of course play!!! Session will have themes, and will come with suggestions as how to develop skills, diet, creating programs. We’ll move indoors and out, we’ll get in specialists to teach different skills. If you’ve always wanted to do a handstand, a split, have firm butt, if yo admired the fluidity of cats,want to see (or show) your abs then this group is for you. Don’t limit yourself! It won’t be instant, it probably won’t be easy, but it will be possible. The magic is in the movements... You will be supported, encouraged, guided. You will not be pampered. Ready?

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