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This is a paid workshop, don't RSVP until you have paid and registered at

Spring in Cape May, NJ, is a great place to knock out the winter cobwebs and get the mind thinking about creative photography.

Good photography is much more than knowing f/stops and shutter speeds. Thinking in a creative way and learning how to see photos is what makes some photos better than others. Professional photographer Loren Fisher will show you how to go beyond your normal images and create special shots.

This workshop is built on getting feedback on what you shoot and also on your approach to situations. We’ll catch the early morning light each day, shoot the beauty that is Cape May and spend time in the “classroom” talking about creative approaches to photography and reviewing the photos we are shooting. You will get lots of feedback while you are shooting from Loren and also learn from other photographers in the group during our review sessions.

Loren will give you challenges each day to get you thinking a little differently about your photographic approach. The challenges are simple but will stretch your mind as you shoot the beauty of Cape May.

New Jersey resident Loren Fisher has spent countless hours photographing the Cape May region and will guide you to great locations for a variety of photographic opportunities. Cape May in the spring is a wildlife wonderland. Located at the tip of the New Jersey peninsula, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay and has been a top tourist destination for over a century.

The little town of Cape May is filled with Victorian houses and great beaches. We will spend sunrises and sunsets on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay photographing horseshoe crabs, birds, the scenic lighthouse and a historic sunken concrete ship. From our beachfront hotel we will explore the ornate Victorian houses and scenic boardwalk of quaint Cape May.

Some walking through sand is required to get to the prime locations, but nothing more than 1/4 mile unless you like to wander. There are several nesting areas for birds, turtles and crabs that we will need to be careful not to disturb, no photo is worth damaging a nesting area.

We will be getting close to nature and wildlife, but you may want at least a 300mm lens. Longer may be better, you can't have a long enough lens! Many of the beach scenes, boardwalks and town scenes don't require extreme lenses and a wide angle is good to have. We will be getting out early and it can still be chilly, so dress in layers. We won't ever be far from our vehicles, so we can shed clothing as the day warms. May is a fairly dry time in Cape May, but you never know, be prepared for rain. We will be walking though sandy beaches, grassy fields and wet areas. Either go with boots to stay dry or sandals and shed the water. I don't recommend sneakers that would retain moisture.

We will be based at a lovely hotel on the beach in Cape May. Transportation while you are at the workshop will be provided in Loren's 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter van.

Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5

$389 - Regular Registration
$349 - Early Registration by March 1
$329 Previous clients and Premium Members

Includes workshop fee, transportation while at the workshop, Saturday pizza lunch and lots of creative fun.

Limit: 11 photographers

Our tentative itinerary (subject to change)
Meet at 2 p.m.
2 p.m. Introductory classroom session
4 p.m. First shooting session in town
Cape May beach sunset

6 a.m. Bay beaches sunrise
11 a.m. Back at hotel
Noon Pizza lunch
1-3 p.m. Classroom
3 p.m. Nature Conservancy
5:00 Lighthouse
We’ll swing past a deli and get food for sunset picnic on the beach
7:15 Sunset beach

6 a.m. Cape may beach sunrise
10 a.m Final classroom session
Noon done

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