Healthy Mind, Healthy Life! Discover the Neuroscience behind a balanced life.

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Nuage Café

14, rue des Carmes · Paris

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(M) Maubert-Mutualité / (RER) St Michel ou Cluny La Sorbonne / (BUS) 86 - Collège de France

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Please Join Antonella Mediati, Professional Life Coach, for this workshop (in English) that will help you be the Master of your time and begin to build better habits to maximize your efficiency both at work and in your personal life. The idea is to learn how to create good/sustainable habits, so that you may choose to spend time on what you value the most and be free. Plus, you get to discover the beautiful/inspiring Nuage Café, where you may enjoy very delicious coffee, tea, and snacks!

Lack of Life balance can be a source of significant stress that can divert us from our true aspirations and also degrade our health. This workshop will give you some insights, based on Neuroscience, and new tools to help you achieve the balance between your work and your personal life. We will look at the neuroscience discoveries behind attention management, the prefrontal cortex, the concept of a "balanced mental diet", and how to avoid "burnout", one of the most serious consequences of such an imbalance.

** Price: 25 Euros **
The workshop includes: 2hr group coaching workshop (in English), unlimited delicious coffee, tea, and snacks, and an opportunity for a free 30-minute individual follow up coaching session with Antonella. Workshop will be held mostly in English.
More info: [masked]

** Agenda: **
• 11:15: Welcome and Introduction (15min)
• 11:30: Presentation – Insights about the Brain (30min)
• 12:00: Introduction to some tools (based on neuroscience) to help you focus. (15mins)
• 12:15 Individual and Group Activities(45 mins)
• 1:00: Next Steps and how to proceed at home (15 mins)

** About Antonella Mediati **
Antonella Mediati is a Business & Life Coach, trained with the latest discoveries of Neuroscience, who is passionate to help people professional and personally find awareness, purpose, and unlock their true potential. Through her previous experiences with Amazon, Microsoft, and cutting-edge startups as well as critical steps in her personal life, Antonella knows that a balanced life--combining professional success, family, and meaningful dreams--can be reached through mindfulness, an open mind, good habits, and sometimes a little guidance along the way. Antonella is based in Paris with a global coaching practice. To learn more, you may contact Antonella at [masked]