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Abuse Case Presentation

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Security of an application is often described in a specification or a request for proposal using very high level or vague requirement like “Application must be secure; Application must be protected against the OWASP Top 10…” This kind of expectation regarding the level of security of the target system do not allow the identify the security posture to reach, the effort that will be implied and it will not provide the useful information to the development teams about which countermeasures to implements. This presentation will have for objective to describe a approach that have been built on the notion of feature’s “Abuse Case” in order to clearly identify the level of security expected by a system and provide all information needed to development team to add the security into the implementation and design.

Speaker Bio:
Dominique Righetto has been a Developer since 2003 (mainly around Java and .Net). He has been a AppSec enthusiast and OWASP junkie since 2011. Currently, he's a Senior AppSec consultant @ and Co-Leader with Jim Manicoof the OWASP Cheat Sheet Series project.

Webinar · Alpharetta, GA