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Sorry, the new Champlain Bridge can’t be built using Agile...

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Agile 101

The Agile Manifesto

Main Session

Why is building a bridge using an Agile approach not a good idea?

Because a bridge is a monolithic construction, the scope of which is mostly inflexible and where value is obtained only once, i.e. at the end of construction. This is why we would tend to build a bridge using a detailed plan that ensures the structure integrity.

But it is not always possible to reduce the uncertainty of a problem by designing a detailed solution. When the initial information is inadequate and the product is sufficiently flexible to allow for experimenting, empirical approaches such as Agile methods are most effective.

Through various examples of risk management, Mathieu invites you to take a critical look to make an informed choice between Agile approaches and traditional methods: the construction of buildings and structures; an ERP implementation; a marketing campaign; a vehicle design; a school group work (and more).

About Mathieu Boisvert

Mathieu is Chief Operating Officer at Pyxis Technologies. Since 2004, he is also taking an active part in Pyxis' growth.

Expert in Agility for the past 10 years, he guides teams and organizations in defining a strategy for a smooth implementation of Agile practices and principles. So far, he has trained hundreds of practitioners and coached clients in many different industries both in Canada and Europe.

With Sylvie Trudel, Mathieu is co-author of "Choisir l’Agilité : du développement logiciel à la gouvernance" in the InfoPro collection of DUNOD.

Lecturer at the Project Management Research Chair of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), he is also a certified trainer of and an active speaker in the Agile community.