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The first LGBT Meetup group in Paris | Founded in January 2011 - join us to do things together!


• To fill the gap! We seem to be the only gay Meetup group in Paris
• Our meetings should not be a “ghetto” but simply an opportunity not to have to come OUT in front of some group of strangers as it often happens when we join groups with supposedly straight majority.
• We are focusing on the expat community which today means mainly communication in English but we are open to any language as soon as there are at least two people who can communicate in it.
• Our straight friends are obviously very welcome! They know how nice we are :-)

• As we are a minority ;-) and not special interest group we are flexible and open to many ideas.
• The main purpose is to do things together OUT THERE on the planet Paris – which surface is sometimes really cold.
• Our goal is to explore a bit more the sunny/daylight face of this planet as the nightlife has been already so overly explored…

• We will keep this group private in order to feel more "cosy" here ;-)

Let's sign up and check OUT our next event!

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