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A group for English speaking actors in Paris.

The acting workshops begin with a vocal and physical workout, followed by text analysis and leading towards performing scenes and monologues.

I run the group with a mixture of "SHORT COURSES" and "DROP IN CLASSES."

DROP IN CLASSES: a single 90 minute class.

ON CAMERA COURSES: 9 classes over 10 weeks.

SHAKESPEARE COURSES: 9 classes over 10 weeks.

This workshops are most useful for anyone wanting to improve their voice and presentation skills. Or for those preparing for shows and auditions who'd appreciate have a place to come to to keep the dust off! Beginners and students are welcome to come along.

The classes are a mixture of people who speak English as a first language and those who speak English as a second language, and a mixture of people with different levels of experience - but as the course grows I may begin to change this.

We use a rehearsal studio in central Paris, 75001.


I'm a classically trained English actor and writer currently living in Paris. I trained at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London. I've written for the BBC and made several film projects.

I've also worked director/teacher at Le Cours Florent drama school, Paris. "Advanced Acting In English."

I hope this group will attract actors and those that would just love to try their hand at some kind of performance.

Any questions, do drop me a line via email or Facebook (

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