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attend Full Moon Picnic Sat 22 December 4:30-6:30 PM
Ahoy there, The next Full Moon Christmas Caroling Picnic will be Saturday Dec 22 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Moonrise will be around 5:20 PM. This is one of the few times of the year when moonrise is early enough for kids to join. The forecast is for higher temps than normal, so kids keep warm by running around. And we keep warm by drinking hot toddies. SING-A-LONG: We may also keep warm by singing Christmas carols. Bring your voice, your lungs and all your musical talent (and any accompanying instruments). Probably a good idea to print out some of your favorite lyrics. INDIAN LORE: This full moon was known to American Indians as the Full Cold Moon or Full Long Night Moon, for the chilling reasons. The winter solstice, marking the first day of winter and the longest night of the year is Dec. 21. The full moon will follow its highest trajectory of the year while the sun follows its lowest path in the sky. WHAT: Everyone brings food and drink to share. Hot drinks will make you very popular: hot cider, hot chocolate, spiced wine, coffee, tea, etc. WHERE: Pont des Arts. We'll gather around the second bench from the Left Bank side of the bridge. Nearest metros: Pont Neuf and Louvre-Rivoli. WHEN: Saturday, December 22, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM WHY: Share one of the most memorable sights in Paris with some of the nicest people around. WHO: You and your friends. HOW to find us: Shouldn't be hard. We'll be the ones with red cheeks, chattering teeth and glazed eyes (all from the hot grog. What else?) We'll also be the ONLY ones on the bridge. BIRTHDAYS: Are you a Capricorn? If so we can celebrate your birthday and blow out the world’s largest birthday candle. Bring the sparklers and a cake (and matches). THEME: Warmth in the cold. Light in the dark. Song in your heart. PUZZLER I: Why do we change the gathering point where we meet on the Pont des Arts - towards the Left Bank in the winter and towards the Right Bank in the summer? PUZZLER I ANSWER: PUZZLER II will enlighten you. PUZZLER II: What does “solstice” mean? Where does the word come from? When exactly is the Winter Solstice? Is it on the same day around the world? And the same day each year? PUZZLER II ANSWER: Solstice is derived from two Latin words - sol for sun and stit for standing. Solstitium (or stalled sun) was shortened to Solstice in the 13th century (possibly from combining sol and sistere - to stand still.) The solstice is the moment every year when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky. It’s easiest for us to notice as the day when sunsets stops occurring further and further south on the horizon and start migrating back to the north. The full moon does the opposite, halting its rise further and further to the north and begins rising further and further to the south (which is why we switch benches on Pont des Arts each month to get the best view). The Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere) occurs at the same moment in time around the world usually on Dec 21, but sometimes on Dec 22, depending on the year. This year it will be at 23:23 PM in France on Dec 21. So in Finland, Ukraine, Greece, Libya and countries eastward of Poland, it will be on Dec 22. PUZZLER III: If you were born on Dec 22 are you Sagittarius or Capricorn? PUZZLER III ANSWER: Who knows. According to at least one astrology website (, the start and end dates for Sagittarius and Capricorn sometimes change. They explain the scientific reasons the dates sometimes shift because of leap years and distance from Greenwich England. And then after all these semi-factual explanations, they launch into their more reliable information about the sexuality and romantic inclinations of the goat, I mean the capricorn. This stuff kills me. ciao for niao, Captain Bob

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    Ahoy there. Join us for a potluck picnic on the Pont des Arts footbridge in the center of Paris while you watch the full moon rise over the Seine. The best view after dark in the City of Lights with some of the nicest people around. This group has been meeting for half a dozen years with announcements via email and word of mouth - and now for the first time on We meet every month, weather and schedules permitting, to enjoy a potluck picnic on Pont des Arts, the footbridge in the center of Paris, while we watch the full moon rise. Everybody brings finger food, drinks and conversation to share. My direct email is Ciao for niao, Captain Bob

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