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Welcome to Paris French-English-Spanish-Italian Conversation Meetup Group!

And again...I tried to find something free in Paris and had no luck. I had the same problem looking for people to play soccer with so I created the "Paris Football (Soccer) Meetup Group" to allow people to play for FREE (

So to solve the problem, I have created this Meetup Group that aims to practice French, English, Italian and/or Spanish through conversation. If you're looking to improve your French, English, Italian and/or Spanish by means of conversation, then look no further.

I want to improve my French, so this is what I suggest:
Since I'm fluent in English and Spanish, I can help you with either one.

1. Practice speaking 30 minutes in French, 30 minutes in English
2. Practice speaking 30 minutes in French, 30 minutes in Spanish
3. Speak French for the entire hour!
4. If we are all native English speakers wanting to improve our French, we can study! Haha

Join to meet people and learn about their cultures, discuss interesting topics, progress in comprehension and speaking in French, English, and/or Spanish.

All levels are welcome!

This group is FREE! The only thing you pay for is your drink at the café.

Hope to see you soon!

Paris French-English-Spanish Conversation Management Team

P.S. Interested in playing football (soccer)? Check out my other group: Paris Football (Soccer) Meetup Group at www.meetup.com/Paris-Football/

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