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Have you ever wanted to go to a concert and didn't have buddies to join you?

This the biggest, more active and oldest Meetup for live music (any music) group in Paris

In here we organize meetups to go and see live music. From a big pop/rock concert or music festival to small live music events in bars. Rock (from the hardest to the lightest), electronic, acoustic, blues,... If a good music show is happening weekly or an interesting artist is coming to town we want to know it.

Share your information with us and we will go together and enjoy our common passion: LIVE MUSIC.

As you will hopefully experience yourself, we make a big effort in keeping high quality standards. That means being on time to the events, make sure to introduce all the attendees, try to keep an eye in having everyone integrated and having a good time, getting their impressions about the music and the venues... And we cannot do that if we allow people we don't know hosting events in the name of our group.

So, events suggested by members that have never attended to an event will be automatically deleted (unless one of the existing event organizers wants to host it) as we cannot know if they are going to do a decent job. We can't even know if they have good intentions!

If you want to suggest events, come to our events first, then just send us a message with info of the event you want to suggest. That will make things easier!

Our group doesn't charge money for the events and doesn't get any share from the ticket prices of the concerts, that are paid at the door or by the official channels of each venue. But sometimes we get good deals for you guys (discounts in ticket prices, longer happy hours,...). That's the power of a group with more than 1,500 people with passion for live music!

Join us and check the group out by yourself. There is something going on every week!

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