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Paris Talks (http://www.paris-talks.com) is an Expats Paris (http://expats-paris.com) project devoted to Big ideas about the Future of Humanity.

This is a conference that’s usually done in the form of short, powerful and inspiring talks (15 minutes or less).

Save the date for the Big Day: March 15, 2019!

Paris Talks is taking a very different approach to this Meetup Group.

Every month, we’ll be bringing innovators together from many different disciplines—Business, science, technology, art & design, environment, education, economy, among others—in a network that promotes the sharing of ideas about the Future of our Humanity.

Entrepreneurs, innovators and critical thinkers are made not born. Paris Talks speakers will deliver outstanding talks. They’re visionaries, articulate and entertaining. Their innovative insights are refreshing, out-of-box and present a long-term vision of their respective sectors...and all this told through engaging and inspiring stories.

We'll convene this community in intimate, peer-level gatherings in Paris where decision-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, educators, futurists, environmentalists, economists, visionaries... will share their most provocative and disruptive questions and their most promising new ideas, and begin to work together on new approaches to some of the world’s toughest current and future challenges.

Our Upcoming Meetup will take Place in December 2018.

Precise dates will soon be made public.

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