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Paris API #28 @Eleven Labs

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Eleven Labs

15 avenue de la Grande Armée 75116 · Paris

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Last building on your left, 3rd floor. After 7pm, a code is needed to enter the building: 1416

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Howdy, hackers!

Last Paris API before summer holidays will happen on the 28th of June. We'll meet all together in Eleven Labs ( office. A big thank to them for hosting us and providing the buffet! 🙏

OK, I know you're waiting for it, so enough speaking and let's discover our two new talks for this month, in English of course.

“How fiddling with GraphQL enhanced communications between our back and front developers” – Davy Peter Braun from Callr (

It's been a long time we haven't spoken of GraphQL! Whether you're totally new to this tech or a super GraphQL advocate, come and join us. Here's the talk description to tease you more:

“GraphQL from Facebook, along with the React and Relay it is sharing its ecosystem with, is a bit of a hot topic. Interestingly, it’s also the first one our back and front-end devs have shared a passionate technical conversation on — outside of almost everyone’s comfort zone. What better opportunity than this one to organize a little workshop and figure out, not what we could build, but what it takes to build better together? While covering some aspects of what GraphQL is, this talk covers the underlying interactions and human aspects affecting development teams.”

“LENDOPOLIS API: feedback from building a crowdlending service” – Solène Maître and Cyril Lepagnot from KissKissBankBank (

KissKissBankBank is one of the leaders in the crowdfunding ecosystem. They've recently launched LENDOPOLIS (, the lending platform between individuals and enterprises. Today is the chance for you to ask them anything regarding their API implementation and their successful product!

“Building LENDOPOLIS API, that exposes all the crowdlending service functions. First, we'll introduce to you the business & product reasons that lead us to build this service then we'll focus on the technical aspects. Why did we choose a JSON API? What's multi-tenancy? How did we implement our documentation? How did we handle the Sandbox environment? And much more...”

See you the 28th... and if you're in love with Paris API, speak about this meetup to your friends and colleagues! We rely on you! 👍