• How do they do APIs @ Doctolib ? w/ Jérémy Buisson

    Hey API-ers! Here we are just before the summer for this amazing Fireside chat session with one of the rare french Unicorn. Doctolib is the leading E-health company in Europe which is now worth more than 1 billion euros. So how do they do API at Doctolib ? that's what we will learn in this session with Jérémy Buisson (https://twitter.com/jbuiss0n) who is the Hospital APIs Team Engineering Manager @ Doctolib. We'll talk and learn managing API at the scale of Doctolib who handles 12 million appointments/month with all the complexity that MedTech and E-Health brings on the table. Expect topics ranging from - How do they do API at Doctolib ? - Why do we need Healthcare APIs ? - Healthcare API standard, from raw TCP to REST Like - How do you handle multiple APIs format in one monolith architecture And of course, many more subjects of your choice, feel free to send us your specific questions. Thanks to Doctolib for hosting us and sponsoring the food and the drinks. Looking forward to see you,

  • Build and Scale your API integrations

    At Home Paris

    Hey API-ers! Here we for an other awesome edition of Paris API. This month we have the best in the field to talk about the API integrations. We all consume third party APIs in our codes. But is the glue is robust enough ? How do we know it will last ? How to we make sure that they don't pile up into technical debt ? And on the other side, when you build these integrations for others, what are the things to keep in mind ? what are the common mistakes ? Are there some standards? So folks, be ready for some unique insights from our guests this month are here from very far away :) - Cédric Fabianski, CTO @ Bearer.sh https://twitter.com/cfabianski - Nicolas Grenié, Dev Advocate @ Typeform https://twitter.com/picsoung Shubham will animate this chat https://twitter.com/choubam_ See you on Thursday ! We will be waiting for your with valuable content and tasty pizzas ;) Cheers

  • API x Product Owner

    OCTO Technology

    Hey API-ers! As announced at the last meetup, we're back this month with a product oriented topic. Building an API oriented product isn't straightforward. Often, we tend to see API as only a technical piece of software. If you don't spend time understanding who and how the developers use your APIs, you may just loose many opportunities and karma with your developer users. Our guests this month: - Arnaud Breton, head of product at Sqreen and former head of dev products at Mailjet https://twitter.com/arnaud_breton - Lucas Cerdan, Lead Product Manager at Algolia https://twitter.com/lucascerdan - Simon Renoult, Lead Developer @ Octo https://twitter.com/@simonrenoult Shubham will animate this chat https://twitter.com/choubam_ Octo is kindly hosting us this month.

  • dotGo edition: gRPC API

    153 Rue Saint-Denis

    Hey API-ers! gRPC has become a standard with it comes to build a performant microservice architecture. On top of that, Golang is often the go-to technology to develop microservices. gRPC, Golang, dotGo.... It seems planets were aligning well this month! The meetup will start with a 10 minutes introduction to what's gRPC. This way, we're all starting on the same page. Julio Guerra - Go agent engineer at Sqreen - will lead this introduction https://twitter.com/Juli0Guerra Then we'll pursue with the fireside chat with our guests: - Johan Brandhorst. Johan has been writing Go since 2016 and is a frequent open source contributor. He is a maintainer of the gRPC-Gateway and gRPC-Web projects and runs his own blog focusing on Go and gRPC. https://twitter.com/JohanBrandhorst - Jean de Klerk. Jean is an engineer at Google working on Go libraries. He has been working in Go since 2013 and currently contributes to projects such as google-cloud-go, grpc-go, and occasionally the Go project. https://twitter.com/jadekler We'll start the night with a short gRPC introduction to make sure we're all on the same page. This month chat will be animated by Arnaud BRETON (Head of Product at Sqreen) https://twitter.com/arnaud_breton The meetup will start a bit later, to leave time to dotGo attendees to take a break and join us in the Blade offices. Blade/Shadow - the cloud computing service - will welcome us in their brand new Paris offices. https://shadow.tech

  • API Dev Tools 🛠- Fireside Chat


    Hey API-ers! This month's Paris API Meetup edition will be focused on API development tools! There are a lot of good tools and entire API ecosystems, but are you sure you know the essential ones ? To talk about this we have two A players in that field : * Pierre Burgy (@pierre_burgy), CEO and co-founder https://strapi.io * Micha Mazaheri (@mittsh), Founder of https://paw.cloud We will have a fireside chat with them on What are tools and Ressources that you NEED TO KNOW to master your API development. I suggest you take a look at this repo : https://github.com/yosriady/api-development-tools to kind of have an idea of how the atmosphere is gonna be ! Like always we will finish the event with a couple of drinks ! Thanks to https://zen.ly to host the event and providing the drinks and food ! We are sooooo excited make this meetup happen, so RSVP to book your spot. RSVP LINK : http://bit.ly/parisAPIdevTools

  • The new API stack (API Days warmup)


    Hello API-ers! Like every year, we're proud that our meetup can take part to the Worldwide API community gathered in Paris for the API Days conference (https://www.apidays.co/paris). This year, the main theme will be around the new API stack. The line-up: * Augusto "Aghi" Marietti, CEO @ Kong. Brokering Information. Kong is the Microservice API Company. https://twitter.com/sonicaghi * Mike Ralphson, OpenAPI Initiative Technical Steering Committee member, co-chair W3C WebAPI Discovery Group. https://twitter.com/PermittedSoc * Phil Sturgeon, Platform Engineer @ WeWork https://twitter.com/philsturgeon Arnaud will host this session https://twitter.com/arnaud_breton Thanks to Algolia for hosting us!

  • Kin Lane, API Evangelist 🔥Fireside Chat 🔥

    When life gives you Kin Lane (https://twitter.com/kinlane), make a FIRESIDE CHAT they said. Well, here's your chance. We are proud and humbled to be able to host a last minute fireside chat with Kin Lane, API Evangelist (https://apievangelist.com/ and https://twitter.com/APIEvangelist), next Wednesday in Paris. Kin loves to share about the present and future of APIs, their impact on technology, businesses, politics etc etc ... This fireside chat (in english) will be about Kins' thoughts on todays API landscape, and its future. We'll gladly be hosted by PeopleDoc (https://www.people-doc.com/) and food will be nicely provided by Streamdata (http://streamdata.io). Thanks to both companies for making this possible!

  • REST vs GraphQL Fireside Chat

    Meilleurs Agents

    Hey API-ers! Octobers' edition will be an amazing fireside chat about REST and GraphQL. It's been a while we haven't talked about API design architectures. There is (was?) a lot of hype around GraphQL as the revolutionary new way to think about APIs. But when do you really make the choice for it? And is it bringing other problems on the table when going to production? This month we are welcoming 2 incredible guests: * Stan Chollet, Engineering Manager at Dailymotion & Founder of Orléans Tech (https://twitter.com/tsunammis) * Arnaud Rinquin, Developer at Slite and also a speaker at GraphQL Europe (https://twitter.com/arnaudrinquin) Thanks to Meilleurs Agents who will host us and take care of the buffet after the session. Don't forget to follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/Paris_API Can't wait !! Can't wait !! CAN'T WAIT !!

  • APIs at Stripe fireside chat with Romain Huet

    Hey API-ers! We hope you had a great time this Summer if you were lucky enough to get some time off and travel, spend time with your family, etc. With Summer slowly coming to an end, It's time to kick off the new season. For this first meetup of the season, we're super excited to have Romain Huet. Romain is the Global Developer Relations Lead at Stripe, based in SF. He joined Stripe from Twitter, where he was a Senior Developer Advocate and the first member of Twitter’s developer relations team outside the US. In 2014, Romain helped launch Fabric, Twitter’s mobile development platform, and Digits, a way for people to securely sign into apps with their phone number rather than a password. We'll talk about managing API at the scale of Stripe. Expect topics ranging from community management, Developer Experience, technical design and scalability and of course, many more subjects of your choice. Big shout out to People Doc will be sponsoring the food and the drinks. See you on Thursday!

  • API and Product fireside chat


    Hey API-ers! This month we're back with another fireside chat and a less technical one. While building an awesome API is great but it's not enough. There is plenty of others areas you need to get covered to make your developer users happy like documentation, SDK, community, support, evangelism, etc. This month we welcome again 3 awesome guests: * Guillaume Montard, CEO and co-founder of Bearer.sh (https://twitter.com/g_montard?lang=fr) * Maxime Champoux, Head of API Product at Mailjet (https://twitter.com/champouxmaxime) * Sandro Munda, CEO and co-founder of ForestAdmin (https://twitter.com/seyz_) PeopleDoc will host us and take care of the buffet after the session. Join us on Twitter to get the latest news: https://twitter.com/Paris_API See you in 2 weeks!