Board Gameday--Game of Thrones? (Last board game meetup till Sept)

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477 5th Ave. · Brooklyn, NY

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At the tables in the back. WiFi is very spotty so text 516 314-0228 if you need to get in touch.

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Our meetup's own exciting season finale! Next board game meetup will be in September.

You make a deal with House Greyjoy to attack in the North--but will they honor your agreement? Do you trust House Stark to ally with you? What trick do the Lannisters have up their sleeves? And what of the wall--are all the houses supporting enough? This is my own design and a game I've been working on for a year with the meetup in mind. Which is to say it can accommodate a lot of people at once.

PS: No spoilers for those, like me, feverishly binging their way through the first seven seasons...

And if we don't get a lot of people? I've always got plenty of other games!

**NOTE ABOUT THE BAR: The owner has said he is happy we come and we are very welcome at the bar. I think we're good about this stuff for the most part but he just asked us to keep a few things in mind:
- Everyone should support the bar by buying a drink
- Try not to use tables we're not sitting at (my suitcase, your bags and jackets, etc.)
- Keep the aisle to the back free--be mindful of how we're sitting and taking up the aisle
- They cannot turn down the music
- Outside food is welcome provided we cleanup

He has interacted with several meetups and they've not always been a positive experience for the bar so it wasn't necessarily directed at us specifically. He just wanted to be clear with Meetup groups moving forward. For those who were attending the meetup before we started hosting at Skylark may know that they have been the most welcoming bar we've hosted at. So I definitely want to make sure we keep up a good relationship. I think we do bring them a fair amount of business on what would otherwise be quiet afternoons but I also want to make sure we keep our positive relationship. That is all.**

As usual, we'll start off with some more "serious" board games and end with quick, lighter games after 4pm. And, as usual, it's all for charity! All you'll need is a fun, competitive spirit and a $3 donation for the Impact Network. The organization is improving teaching methods and bringing technology to rural Zambian schools. Each $3 donation pays for a student to go to school for a month. Check out this video to learn more about the organization you're supporting: And we've even gotten a shout-out ( for our efforts over the years!

Regulars and myself will happily and patiently explain these games to anyone who joins. If games are underway when you arrive, get a drink, grab a chair, sidle up to a group in progress and watch the stories unfold... As new people arrive, you'll be able to start another game.

Noon? Really? I know, it's super early for a weekend but we'll be there for at least several hours so show up whenever your bedroom stops spinning and you can comfortably handle the thought of beer.

I do want to mention a couple important things. Everyone is expected to be respectful. Any harassment will not be tolerated. Also, my games are my babies. So, like any good parent, I'm highly protective of them--especially my favorites (don't tell them I have favorites). Please treat the games well. Don't bend the cards and be mindful of drinks and food. Also, we've created a culture of gracious winners and losers so remember the games are all in good fun. Lastly, games are harder to explain then you might think so be patient with the anyone trying.