PentaBAR #17 // Dress for the Code You Want - Tech Trends of the Future


👣 Mapping the tech future is based on the clash of old and new technologies. The digital guideline is dictated by the American dynamic market. Production, storage, analysis, and implementation are key themes in 2019.

😪 Did you wake up in a new digital era in 2019? How to adjust to the latest technology trends?

🎯 In the AGENDA, you'll have references to:
1. the most popular and versatile programming languages;
2. the major releases planned for 2019.

🔍 Who provides the statistics? Who's the speaker?

🗣 Pentalog's Chief Platform Officer, Cornel FATULESCU. He's the orchestrator in charge with the development strategy, methodological solutions and estimations and, at the same time, he's a skills manager, an Agile-Scrum-Kanban knowledge sharer, focused on ramping up innovative technical projects.

👉 Join the event and enjoy the welcome party in our new office! 🎊