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Dream Facilitation is coming to Amsterdam! 🎉

On July 4th, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary of the Purpose In Action Meetup – a monthly meetup for people interested in a new way of life and business. We come together and talk about our current plans, support and encourage each other to take the next steps, and learn about all sorts of tools & methodologies to create more meaning in both business and life.

For this Meetup we're bringing in a special guest: Renata Betti, co-founder of Talent Academy. We will have an open conversation to explore the concept of purpose explaining how can individuals and organizations increase satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by turning their purpose into action.

We invite you to socialize, network and connect with positive like-minded people – all while having inspiring conversations that will leave you feeling empowered.

See you there,
Luiza & Renata

--> On Saturday, July 6th, we are teaching a full-day workshop to help you connect with your true self, define achievable goals, and create a life + business that's more meaningful. Dig deep, uncover your full potential, and turn your projects into action!
-- https://purposeinactionamsterdam.eventbrite.com

Dream Facilitation is a movement that empowers dreamers to turn their purpose into action. Through hands-on consulting and group workshops, we offer the knowledge, tools, and support to realize your next idea!
-- www.dreamfacilitation.me

Talent Academy's mission is to revolutionize People Management in organizations. We offer integrated and scalable people development solutions with the objective of connecting the individual purpose and corporate purpose.
-- www.talentacademy.com.br