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Hatha Flow 60min , 10 Euros
Hatha Flow is a class based on a balance of movement and stillness, strength and grace, balance and grounding. The class will start with a warm up followed by a series of standing postures, core strengtheners and hip openers and will finish with a deep relaxation. Focus is kept on the breath throughout the flow of postures helping you to find your centre and go deeper into your body. mats are available in the studio :)

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66, rue de la Fontaine au Roi · Paris

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Like Bollywood? You’ll love Bollywood Fitness!
If you’re a fan of the sounds and sights of Bollywood, you’re going to be crazy about our 60-minute dance-based fitness workout program. Fun, easy-to-follow and fully adaptable to every body type and level of experience, Bollywood Fitness will have you looking and feeling like a star as you groove your way to a fitter, leaner and more mindful you.
You get to experience the joy of dancing and fitness through the lens of Bollywood fun and happiness. The class is start with warm up the body and then I will present few movements from Bollywood dance that we will learn some steps And then we will start dance to the rhythm of music!!! we will finish the class by breathing and stretching exercises.

The class is generally done barefoot.

Please bring bottle of water and a towel .

For any information send me a message :)

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