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If you're working with React and/or React Native, or interested in learning, this group is for you! We meet every month to discuss progress with React, new tools, features and libraries. As people working with a young technology with best practices still yet to emerge, our focus is on helping the Montreal React community grow, and providing each other with input and advice and sharing our latest findings..


Si tu travailles avec React ou React Native, ou tu es intéressé à apprendre, ce groupe est pour toi! On se rencontre chaque mois pour discuter le progrès de React, de nouveaux outils, fonctionnalités et librairies. En tant que personnes travaillant avec une technologie jeune, qui n'a pas encore de meilleures pratiques définies, notre but est d'aider à agrandir la communauté React de Montréal, et de s'entraider en partageant nos dernières trouvailles et en collaborant pour régler nos problèmes quotidiens.

We thank our recurring sponsor, 123LoadBoard (https://www.123loadboard.com/fr/propos-de-nous/carrieres/), for providing food and drinks at the meetup.


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SEPTEMBER - React & React Native MTL Monthly Meetup @ Shopify

Join us for an amazing evening of fun and meet fellow Montrealer React & React Native geeks! As always, expect delicious food and refreshing drinks! ◾️◼️Schedule ◼️◾️ • 18:00 - Food, drinks and socializing 🍕 • 18:30 - Welcome, community announcements, sponsor speeches 📰 • 18:45 - The tale of a React Native contribution by Janic Duplessis 🗣 • 19:20 - Pause • 19:35 - End-to-end testing is fast and easy with Cypress.io by Gleb Bahmutov 🗣 • 20:10 - Let’s finish the food and socialize some more! • 20:30 - Parting words ◾️◼️Talk description ◼️◾️ The tale of a React Native contribution: TO BE DEFINED End-to-end testing is fast and easy with Cypress.io: Unit testing is hard and time-consuming; and worse - the users and the customers do not care! They only want the features working in the production system, everything else is development overhead. If this is the case, how do we improve web application quality? How do we catch the bugs early? How can we test the deployed system effectively? And finally, how do we get rid of Selenium? This presentation tries to answer many of these questions in a web framework agnostic way using open source test runner Cypress.io. ◾️◼️Meetup ◼️◾️ We thank our sponsor Shopify (https://www.shopify.ca/) for hosting us, and providing the food and drinks! This session is also sponsored by Zenika (https://www.zenika.ca/), support of the Let's React meetup We're always looking for speakers for our meetups! All experience levels are welcome. Contact us at [masked] or send us a message on meetup.com

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