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This group is for anyone interested in React Native, the Javascript framework that is taking over mobile development.

Whether you're a veteran RN developer or just interested in this awesome technology, join us to learn and share your own experiences.

You can watch the previous talks here -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8xuokhAnn4pBuGuJ4fjjGUQfqnZlOLNW

We aim to meet once a month and we're looking for new speakers, so don't hesitate to submit a talk through this Typeform -> https://reactnativelondon.typeform.com/to/hoACxp (Submit talks here)

Built a cool app using React-Native for your fun or as a commercial product? Come show it to the community to get exposure and feedback! Submit your Community App here -> https://reactnative.typeform.com/to/Qzn95n

The React Native London meetup is brought to you by Theodo -> https://www.theodo.co.uk/

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⚛️ React-Native London January 2020

WeWork 1 Waterhouse Square

The January meetup is just around the corner! This time Adjust will be sponsoring us! We are also Teaming up with Embolden_Her to showcase some of the amazing female Tech talent in React Native! Same agenda as usual: • 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm: Drinks & food • 7:00 pm - 7:15 pm: Intro • 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm: Talks + Q&A • 8:30 pm - 9 pm: Finish any leftovers • 9 pm onwards: PUB! We have some great talks lined up: _______________ 💻 The Talk(s) 1) From Zero to App Store - The Story Building out Travltalk in React Native by Rhiannon Monks I will share how I took the idea for a mobile application and turned it into a reality through UX / UI, Ionic prototype and why I then decided to rebuild in React Native in early 2018! At the time the framework was still very young. I will also talk through our tech stack and what was selected and why, the challenges we had and which mobile analytics platforms work best for us with React Native. Twitter: @travltalk 2)Migrating your RN app to GraphQL - by Abbie Howell In this talk, we will learn the benefits of GraphQL, a powerful query language for your API, and we will see practical examples and the difficulties that can arise with migrating an existing React Native application to GraphQL. Expect to go away from this talk knowing why to use GraphQL, how to use it, and how to avoid the common pitfalls. ___________________ 🍷 The sponsor – Adjust (https://www.adjust.com/) Adjust is the industry leader in mobile measurement, fraud prevention and cybersecurity. Born at the heart of the mobile economy and grown out of a passion for technology, the globally operating company now has 15 offices around the world. By making marketing simpler, smarter and more secure, Adjust empowers data-driven marketers to build the most successful apps in the world. Adjust is a marketing partner with all major platforms, and in total, more than 30,000 apps have implemented Adjust’s solutions to secure their budgets and improve performance. Adjust recently acquired companies Acquired.io and Unbotify, and in June 2019, secured one of last year’s largest funding rounds in Europe to date, raising $227 million. ___________________ 🚀 Embolden_Her Fostering the next generation of female leaders in tech. Connecting women to empower each other and create powerful relationships for leadership development. Embolden_Her hosts weekly coffee mornings and regular events with inspiring female speakers. Find out more: LinkedIn: EMBOLDEN_HER Twitter: @embolden_her Website: https://emboldenher.org/ ___________________ 🎥Video Recording Sponsored by Pusher: You can view previous event talks and more by visiting the Pusher App YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8xuokhAnn4pBuGuJ4fjjGUQfqnZlOLNW Pusher is a hosted service with APIs, developer tools and open source libraries that greatly simplify integrating real-time functionality into web and mobile applications. Pusher will automatically scale when required, removing all the pain of setting up and maintaining a secure, real-time infrastructure. Pusher is already trusted to do so by thousands of developers and companies like GitHub, MailChimp, the Financial Times, Buffer and many more. Getting started takes just a few seconds: simply go to pusher.com and create a free account. Happy hacking! _______________________ The everything else If you have inquiries or would like to get in touch, send us a message on Meetup directly.

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⚛️ React-Native London November 2019

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