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• Meetup for all recommender, AI and machine learning fanatics and people who care about good recommendations.

This meetup is a place to share knowledge around recommender systems.

If you use recommender systems in your company, study complex theoretical problems raised recommender systems or are just curious about how such systems work, you're welcome in this meetup.

We meet every two or three months, in different places.

At each session, we have talks by experts followed by an informal networking session with food and drinks.


• Criteo

• Rakuten group

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WiMLDS and RecSysFR joint meetup


Dear RecSysFR members, It is my greatest pleasure to announce the joint meetup between Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (WiMLDS) meetup and RecSysFR for our first meetup of 2019. As you know, women are under-represented in our domain. This joint meetup aims at giving everybody the occasion to connect with people that you would have not met otherwise, and bring more diversity to your address book! For this exceptional venue, the meetup will be held at Criteo with a capacity of 140 people. Please make sure to subscribe only if you know you will attend. As usual, first arrived, first served. --- Agenda 19:30 – Introduction by Criteo & the Paris WiMLDS +the RecSysFR teams 19:40 – “Recommendation Systems for Learning – Challenges and Solutions” by Marie Sacksick, PhD candidate at Domoscio Abstract: A recommender system is used to guide a user so as to find an item when there are too many of them. In case of learning, it aims at recommending the best learning content for the user given his parameters. In this presentation, I will highlight the differences between the challenges faced when constructing a “classical” recommender system and a personalized recommender system for learning, and how the solutions to these challenges must be different. 20:05 – “All You Need to Know to Win an Algotrading Competition” by Elena Tverdokhlebova, Tatiana Shpakova & Karina Ashurbekova Abstract: We would like to share the story of winning an international algotrading championship. In our presentation we will explain how algotrading works and cover some technical aspects and as well describe our team strategy and how collaborate during all steps of competition. Our goal is to inspire girls to start participate in data science competitions, since we believe it is possible to achieve great results even when you don't have much experience More content about the team performance: Business Wire: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180928005571/en/WorldQuant-Completes-Inaugural-International-Quant-Championship New-York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/28/business/dealbook/worldquant-quants-talent.html 20:30 - Panel discussion about “Plunge into a Machine Learning Career” led by Chiara Biscaro, Data Scientist and Co-Founder @WiMLDS_Paris The panel will feature: - Anne sophie Hamy-Petit, Medical Doctor, @Institut Curie (Paris) - Ivan Lobov, Researcher @CriteoAILab - Nicolas Ayroles, R&D Deep Learning Engineer @Dental Monitoring 21:00 Networking / Cocktail During the event, you can share content using #WiMLDSParis & @WiMLDS_Paris or #RecSysFR & @recsysfr After the meet-up, the video will be shared on : https://medium.com/recsysfr-meetups & https://medium.com/@WiMLDS_Paris --- Host information : Criteo, 32 rue Blanche, 75009 Paris The room can welcome 140 people. First arrived, first served! Twitter - https://twitter.com/CriteoEng Medium - https://medium.com/criteo-labs

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