À propos de ce groupe

We watch and discuss film adaptations of Russian books. No prior knowledge of the book or Russian culture is required. Just bring your curiousity!

Note that this is an ENGLISH-speaking group. It means that the films we'll watch will be either with English subtitles or in English and the film discussion takes place in English.

We meet on a weekend night at the spacious MyCoWork Beaubourg and

1 have a snack/dinner and a chat,
2 watch a film adaptation of a Russian book together,
3 discuss the film afterwards.


An opportunity to
-- have a casual chat and better get to know the people,
-- deepen your understanding of Russian culture, literature and mindset through the film and discussion,
-- literally see with your own eyes the way people used to dress, talk, spend their leisure and just live at that time.

An opportunity to
-- enjoy a relaxed conversation and snack in a more informal setting,
-- meet new people who share the same interests,
-- come without having read the book.

18 we have a snack and a chat
19.15 we watch the film (most of them are in Russian with English subtitles)
21 we discuss the film
22 we clean the space after us and go home

Please bring 2 things
-- 9 euros: 5 euros for the rent (we negotiated to have a 90% discount!) and 4 euros for the organisation fees (to cover the meetup fees, the DVD and the efforts organising the event),
-- one dish. Please pick one number from the list below and post it in comments. Do not repeat each other!

It should be big enough to feed 2-3 people (but not bigger).

1 HOMEMADE: A homemade dish, enough to feed 2-3 people
2 HOMEMADE VEGETARIAN: a homemade vegetarian dish
3 VEG: crudites and 2 types of dip (i.e. hummus, guacamole + baby carrots or carrots that you cut thin)
4 BREAD: bread or chips and 2 kinds of spread (i.e. rillettes, tapenade etc)
5 FRUIT: 2-3 types of fruit and chocolate
6 CHEESE: bread and 2 kinds of cheese
8 SWEETS + WINE: 1 cake or tarte or cookies + 1 bottle of red wine
9 PIZZA: 2 pizzas or 4 quiches
10 WINE + LEMONS: 1 bottle of red wine + 5 lemons
11 PAPER: paper plates and napkins
12 CHARCUTERIE: 3 types
13 BITE-SIZE SNACKS: sushi or bouchée à la reine or anything of the kind
14 SALAD + WINE: a salad you made or bought (i.e. tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce etc) + 1 bottle of white wine

And you're more than welcome to bring your Russian-culture-friendly with you!

See you all soon!

Événements passés (4)

Onegin with Ralph Fiennes after Pushkin (ENG)

MyCowork Beaubourg

10,00 €
Lost Letter after Gogol (ENG&Ukr), 1972

MyCowork Beaubourg

9,00 $US
Two Women with Ralph Fiennes after Turgenev (ENG&рус)

MyCowork Beaubourg

9,00 $US
The Captivating Star of Happiness, 1975

MyCowork Beaubourg

9,00 €

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