SQAUG Presents: Advanced Performance Testing feat. open source tool Gatling.io

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Advanced Performance Testing: User Personas, Workflows and generating realistic load tests with the open source tool Gatling.io


Michael Cowan

Key Takeaways

· Learn how to correctly structure a Gatling project for testing personas and workflows.

· See examples of complex tests for a real software application

· Discussion of advanced topics such as baselines, test maintenance and reporting.

· Learn about various Gatling concepts and how to correctly use them


This presentation will cover the advanced topic of creating performance tests which represent real people and how they use the system. More importantly we will discuss how to generate meaningful reports when multiple types of users are working simultaneously. Typically, performance testing will focus on several endpoints which will be scripted out and then executed simultaneously. This is adequate for static webpages, but modern web apps are complicated, with multiple users roles and paths through a system. This presentation will present technical QA with a quick path forward to start a performance testing POC, while also providing QA Managers with the right questions and suggestions to take back to their teams.

Presentation Level: Mid-level – Advanced

You will not need to have coding experience to participate in this presentation, but you should come with some basic knowledge of what performance testing is. We will not be covering the basics, like why companies should invest in performance testing or what should be measured.

If you do want to dive into some of the more technical details, you should have a basic understanding of Java (Gatling users Scala) and technical concepts such as loops, error handling etc.


6:00-6:30PM: Pizza and Networking/SQAUG Announcements

6:30-7:30PM: Presentation/Q&A


· Event is Free to the public

· Pizza and beverages will be served

· Please RSVP on Meetup

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