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Want to get out of the city and do some farm work under blue sky and over fertile soil, in a beautiful valley of delight?

Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay, CA is a nonprofit CSA farm. Every Saturday we host a volunteer day, where anyone can come out and "be a farmer for a half day or a whole day".

There’s something for everyone to do: create new garden beds, add compost to enrich the soil, sow seeds for the new crops, join in clean-up projects, and other fun opportunities to serve together in joy. Add your energy to the land in tending the plants and fruit trees, landscape beautification, and giving our group farm the loving care it needs to continue thriving. Get away from the city for a few hours, and bask in the revitalizing joys of nature in the valley at Ananda farm. So many find it amazingly healing, giving them an inspirational lift that last days and weeks after.

Come volunteer the morning session, meditate (not required) and have a bring-your-bag-lunch together. Then spend the afternoon at the beach or hiking the beautiful valley trails on the farm, or just enjoy sitting on benches around the pond or up in the orchard.

If your morning isn’t free, volunteer at the afternoon session at 2pm. Afterwards you can enjoy the sunset on the beach or have dinner in Half Moon Bay.

Come help a farm and let the farm revitalize your spirit.

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