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Shamanic Regression Therapy for recurring and inexplicable and impediments and blocks in your life which prevent you from fully realizing your potential.

What differentiates Shamanic Regression Therapy (known as Deep Memory Process) from other regression techniques is working with the physical body as well as the emotional and mental bodies. The body remembers and no amount of talking therapy (or observation) can release traumatic imprints held in the body’s etheric field. As well, in a 3 hour Shamanic Regression individual session we will spend most of the time in non-ordinary reality, both in a past life and following that in the After Life where you will work directly with your Guides on healing all the traumatic imprints; The Deep Memory Process therapy I practice is a highly structured methodology with clearly defined, complex protocols, not only to be able to safely navigate non-ordinary reality but also for maximum therapeutic value and healing.

As a Regression therapist, trained and certified in the US with Patricia Walsh, I also work with Ancestral Spirits and most importantly childhood trauma; Inner Child work which involves revisiting the experience in childhood and recovering the frozen splintered part of ourselves still reliving the trauma.

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