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What is the Society for Organizational Learning?

Who We Are

SoL is a global learning community dedicated to discovering, integrating, and implementing theories and practices for the interdependent development of people and their institutions through integrating:

· Research

· Capacity building

· Practice

Why We Are

To help build organizations worthy of people’s fullest commitment.

How We Organize

· A non-profit, membership society

· Self-organizing, self-governing organization

· Global Fractals (chapters)

Our Guiding Principles

• Drive to Learn - All human beings are born with an innate, lifelong desire and ability to learn, which should be enhanced by all organizations.

• Learning is Social - People learn best from and with one another, and participation in learning communities is vital to their effectiveness, well-being and happiness in any work setting.

• Learning Communities - The capacities and accomplishments of organizations are inseparable from, and dependent on, the capacities of the learning communities that they foster.

• Aligning with Nature - It is essential that organizations evolve to be in greater harmony with human nature and with the natural world.

• Core Learning Capabilities - Organizations must develop individual and collective capabilities to understand complex, interdependent issues; engage in reflective, generative conversation; and nurture personal and shared aspirations.

• Cross-Organizational Collaboration - Learning communities that connect multiple organizations can significantly enhance the capacity for profound individual and organizational change.

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