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Welcome to Social Singles Adventures!

Feel a little daring? How about sky diving lessons? Rock Climbing?For those who are more attuned to keeping their feet firmly planted on land, we've got everything from Salsa and Swing Dancing to those wonderful cooking classes or painting that will make your experiences more enticing.

We take care of everything, so you just need to bring your wonderful self, with all the great things you have to offer!

This is the place to be... What do you have to lose?... You only have to gain!!

Look forward to seeing you at our future events!

Our rules are simple:

1.No-shows to events will be automatically removed from the group. 2.Late cancellations less than 24 hrs will be automatically removed from the group. 3.We expect serious RSVP’s only; if you’re not sure you’re coming then don’t RSVP

*In the case of an emergency where you absolutely cannot make the event, it is imperative that you contact the event host immediately before the event to advise. If not, you will be removed from the group. Vague excuses are not acceptable. We will expect a full explanation of why you could not make it.

***DISCLAIMER: The right of admission to the events is reserved. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the events to any person who is not entitled to attend, who does not comply with the Group's pre-requisites, or whose conduct is considered offensive or causes discomfort in any way. The hosts and organizers of this meetup group cannot be held responsible for changes in the events.

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Welcome to the.....SOCIAL ADVENTURE GROUPS.. 2019 Scavenger Hunt! So here is how the race happens: When the Race Marshalls say "Go!" your team races out of the bar you will have in hand a list of many items you need to photograph. You get various points for collecting photos of different objects. You must try to finish the race before time runs out. You lose points for being late and you must try to collect as many pictures as you can. You have to work as a team. All photos must comprise of all the team members in the photo. Share responsibilities, keep your eyes open for items on your list, The teams that has the highest score wins the grand prize and bragging rights. The team that comes last also wins prizes.... they're just a different kind of prize! There will be various surprises during the course of the afternoon. And now for the details: If you already know who you wish to have on your team, you may form your own team of 4 people. Please come up with a team name and put the name of your team in your RSVP comments so we know which team you are part of. If you don't know other members of the group and don't have a pre-assigned team, please don't worry, We will assign you to a team on race day. The scavenger hunt will start at Thursdays 1445 Crescent Street (downtown Montreal) It will take approximately 3 hours to complete. You should be physically able to walk as Therewil be city walking involved. If you are taking the metro to show up for hte scavenger hunt the closts metro is the green line and Peel or Guy are equal in distance, The scavenger hunt will end in a restaurant. We will then be eating there if you want to join us. The cost is 10$ per person. Teams will be of 4... (There must be at least one woman on each time). If you do not have a team do not despair we will make one for you on the spot... Ladies & Gentlemen.... Ready..... Set.... GO!!!!!!!


The Tree of Life....Chose your own colors...Get creative and enjoy the start of summer. :-) These actvitites are turning into quite a hit. Whether you have ever painted or not this is a fun time to be had by all! Our artist Naomi will teach us all how to paint step by step to create the masterpiece that we all want to achieve. The price of 25$ includes EVERTYHING you need to use to paint. The paintbrushes, the paint, the apron, the canvas, the easel and most importantly Tania our teacher. If you want to customize your painting by all means dont be shy! If you want to bring a friend/mother/father/friend the price is 2 for 40$... Hope to see you all there.... Children are 15$ each. Children are WELCOME! See you all there ... PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THE ESTABLISHMENT BY HAVING A MINIMUM OF ONE DRINK. THEY WERE NICE ENOUGH TO LET US USE THEIR RESTAURANT.

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