Grass Roots Ukulele Meet-Up ( DATE CHANGE)

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• We are going to celebrate summer!

•The sun is bright and the sand is hot. The beaches are full of people, umbrellas dot the sand, along with a couple of large tents that look like they should be in the Sahara. And there's that cooler, holding all the goodies. Juice for the kids and more sophisticated beverages for the adults. (Alcohol is strictly prohibited. ) Its a time when we get too much sun burn, a place where young people are falling in love and a memory is growing that will last forever.
Music will be loaded right here with a link added in a week or so you can download it or print it, and bring to the meet up. There's no need for music stands , we sit at long tables. Here is the music link in Blue. Click on to download>
Join us for a night of Summer Fun !! You'r welcome to bring a friend!!