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This is a group for people interested in WordPress. Whether you are a developer, a designer, a blogger, a small business owner, a large business owner, or something else entirely, if you're interested in WordPress, let's get together and meet each other, talk, teach things to each other, and explore the community!

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Meet & Greet - Greater Portland WordPress Community

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It's been nearly a year since the last WordPress Meetup and, with the help of a new organizer, it's time to bring them back! If you're a WordPress developer or even a WordPress user, this is the Meetup for you. It's a great opportunity for new and seasoned members to decide how to shape our CMS loving community. What kinds of topics do we want to cover? Who do we want to speak? How do we want to support our WordPress community? Who wants to be involved in future meetups as well as planning a future WordCamp? We look forward to seeing you and hearing what you have to say! There will be freshly popped popcorn and ice-cold beverages-- so bring your crisp dollar bills for our vending machine (beer included).

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